Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing (often abbreviated as DTP) is the creation of printed documents based upon a whole sequence of computer processes (micro-computer, software, text capture peripherals, etc.)


DTP refers to creating and designing documents for printing using computer and designing software solutions. DTP is used to design literature’s that are printed and distributed for advertising and campaigning purposes. Job of DTP workers include composing the contents of document, designing it using page layout software and making it completely ready for printing. Leaflets, pamphlets, manuals, brochures as well as pages of newspapers, magazines and all graphical representations used in newspapers, magazines and study materials.


DTP service is a broad spectrum under which come multiple jobs which is very important and interrelated. It starts with developing a content which calls for use of suitable language, words and phrases. Once the content has been developed and approved, starts the process of designing the material which would carry the content. At this stage, a page layout software solution is used to design the material or literature which again includes several steps. Once the design is complete and approved it is converted into a printable format. Generally PDF format of materials are created for taking print out. There are many tasks this designer will be able to accomplish, including digitizing photos or diagrams, or redesigning drawings or sketches.


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